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TOV combo rack
mixer, or DJ components on top
10 spaces on top, 10 spaces vertical, depending on components installed

Vox Night Train NT15
Very Good Shape, Just a chrome rust spot
On and Guitar Centers' used departments: price ranges from $299 to $499
MESA Engineering Trans Atlantic TA-15
Very Good Shape, matte finish steel
Footswitchable channels : two modes on "Clean" channel; three modes on the drive channel
25 watts / 15 watts / 7 watts Class A On and Craiglist: price ranges from $650+
Crown Xs700 power amp
  • power rating
    • 450 watts @ 8 ohms
      750 watts @ 4 ohms
      900 watts @ 2 ohms
      1900 watts bridge 8 0hms
  • includes pair 25' Monster speaker cables (Speakon / 1/4" phone ends)
  • used only in two gigs. In Excellent Condition, not even a scratch
Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp
You vintage amp collectors add this to your collection. Decent condition, all original except AC chord.
On E-Bay and Craiglists, price ranges from $499 to $629
Acoustic 806 PA pair
    Upgrade all the components $600+ worth
  • Eminence Deltalite II Neodynium low frew. drivers
  • Horn drivers : Sekenium D220Ti
  • Xovers : Eminence PXB1K
  • dimensions : 31H x 23W x 16D

Celestion, S12-100K
IPSwich, England Celestion Sidewider 8 ohm 150 watt handling. Excellent condition $85
Weber 12A100T
Alnico Guitar Speaker. Bright sounding like its ceramic brother but compresses and breaks up early. 8 ohm 15 watt handling. excellent condition. Was used in evaluting small tubes amps like Champs, Silvertones, Supros. $50
J-Bass Neck
Unfinish Jazz Bass from Sweetwood Guitars. High quality but frets were not install and the fret slots are "pocket fret slots" so, best installed by experience luthier. $50
Hardwood enclosures
Poplar, 1/2" blind dovetail joints
The enclosure (top) houses an smaller MESA Boogie chassis. Note, currently a wood panel is where the chassis goes.
pair 1-12"
1-12" 18-3/4"w general black tolex, general black grill, similar to MESA Boogie extension cabinets some hardware maybe missing. $15 each
MESA Boogie Studio .22+
Includes 5751 and 12YA preamp tubes for the V1 and V2 positions to lower preamp gain and more control between rhythm and lead channel, for a more Bluesy tone.

For hi-gain preamp 12AX7s is suggestion in both positions. These tubes are included too.
Good condition, just a small tear on front.
MESA Boogie large chassis headshell empty Mark Series headshell (previously from a MESA Boogie Mark IIB 300 Series)
Accommodates chassis 20-1/2" wide. chassis bolt spacing 20" x 5-1/4"
SOLD $65
Zinky 2x12" SOLD
Zinky 2 x 12" Stock Eminence Speakers(?) similar to Celestions $250
2 x 12 (empty)SOLD
2 x 12 speaker burlap brown tolex, oxyblood with stripe grill. Vintage Retro look with modern features (T-handles). Made up of solid poplar. Excellent condition. SOLD $150
Old Carvin DCA800 SOLD 350 watts/ ch @ 4 ohms
If you planning to purchase an inexpensive affordable power amp such as GEM Sound, Phonic, Behringer, American Audio, Pyle Pro, Pyramid, Bogen, Samson, Art or Alesis, get this amp instead! Professional quality. More Durable than these mentioned here. A workhorse.
Allen 5F1+ SOLD

This is an Allen Kit. It's design after a Fender Champ Tweed Class A with extra features.
  • lo and hi inputs (extra 12AX7)
  • Volume, Tone, Master
  • 12" speaker Weber 12F125
  • 6V6 can be swapped with 6L6 or EL34 changing cathode resistor and capacitor (.inc).
  • enclosure built with knotless pine, 1/2" blind dovetail joints
  • dressed in tweed, not simulated vinyl tweed

empty $375
Allen Kit 5FCA SOLD
Allen Kit, not really a Marshall, design after Fender Champ Tweed Class A with extra features
  • Marshall "Stack Tone". Check Harmony Central Review for Allen's Class Act model
  • lo and hi inputs (extra 12AX7)
  • Volume, Bass, Treble
  • 12" speaker Weber 12A100T
  • EL34 can be swapped with 6L6 or 6V6 (require changing cathode resistor and capacitor)
  • through 1" dovetail enclosure constructed with clear sugar pine. No knots.
  • unassemble, chassis and components only no cabinet, was listed @ $259.

empty $375
Celestion Vintage 30 SOLD
Celestion Ipswich, Suffolk, England 16 ohm SOLD
M-Audio Fast Track SOLD
still in the box, brand new SOLD